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Guaranteed Rent

Buy to Let has been a huge success story since specialist mortgages were introduced in 1996. According to research by Paragon Mortgages, had you invested at that time you would have seen a whopping 16.3% annual return on investment when considering the combination of both yield and capital appreciation.

However, as rents continue to rise, landlords would be well advised to look carefully at ensuring that the rent continues to roll in at an impressive rate, especially if/when interest rates subsequently rise from their current low, as predicted. The Coronavirus pandemic also prompted some tenants to hold back on their rent, causing additional anxiety for landlords.

One thing landlords understandably dread most is a lengthy void period. Indeed, should your property remain unoccupied for say one month between tenancies, the consequent loss of rent would equate to 8.3% - quite likely all your profit for the year! At Bumblebee Lettings, we would simply not let this happen.

We are not only proud of our minimal void periods (a fraction of the average 19 days reported by ARLA) but we go one important step further – we can actually GUARANTEE your rent, thereby reducing any void period to nil!

For a small fee we are able to provide specialist insurance that is designed to cover any shortfall, giving you complete peace of mind over your investment.

So whichever way you look at it, your investment is secure, your yield is predictable and now also - guaranteed! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Please feel free to call us today on 0208 359 3399 if you’d like to explore the options for maximising your yield today.

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