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Bumblebee donates £5k to Live Unlimited

Just before Christmas last year, Bumblebee, The Barnet Group's private lettings agency donated £5,000 to Live Unlimited, the charity which helps Barnet's looked after children fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Live Unlimited creates new opportunities for this vulnerable group of young people, making them feel valued and valuable. They do this by taking them on activity groups to connect with nature, learn skills, boost their confidence and make new friends. They give the older children and young people a chance to meet with people in a range of different jobs and industries they wouldn't usually meet. 17+ year olds will get the chance to gain their driving licence with Live Unlimited's driving lessons scheme.

The £5k donation was used to help kick-start Live Unlimited's match funding campaign, The Big Christmas Challenge in December 2021. Thanks to the £5k we donated, Live Unlimited went on to raise a further £20k in donations during the campaign week from other donors and businesses. The donation was vital as it helped Live Unlimited participate in The Big Christmas Challenge and achieve its £20k funding target.

Chief Executive of The Barnet Group Tim Mulvenna said: “We are thrilled to be supporting Live Unlimited and the essential work they will be doing with young people in our community”.

You can find out more about Live Unlimited at liveunlimited.org.uk